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Once upon a time, a beautiful princess dreamed of finding her true love. Classy. Sophisticated. Confident. Charming. She searched the world far and wide. People told her to give up, that she was living in a fairy tale. On her wedding day, the princess looked into the eyes of her prince,“dreams really do come true,” she thought, as she gently caressed her love’s soft rich satin leather, tastefully embellished with creamy pearls. It's cool chain against her skin.

The Princess and Chanel united at last.

At “It’s a Luv Story,” not only do we sell exquisite rare pieces, but we work to make your luxury wishes come true. That purse you saw once but can’t seem to find anywhere? Those boots they told you were limited edition? Close your eyes and make a wish, send a pic, and POOF!

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    Need to search through your camera roll to find that screenshot from 5 years ago? That dream bag you never thought you would meet again? 

    Find it for us!

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    Send us an email with a detailed description and/or photo of your luxury dream! 

    Email it to us! 
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    And POOF!

    Here at It's A Luv Story, we do everything in our power to make your luxury dream a reality.

    So you too, can have your very own "Luv Story."

Sourcing Requests

To learn more about our approach to sourcing requests, please click here to be directed to the FAQ page.

Sourcing requests 

Authentic Luxury Resale 

Here at It's A Luv story, we sell 100% authentic designer items exclusively. We do not accept, sell or tolerate any counterfeit items. We value our customers, and take much pride in finding your dream, authentic designer products. 

Our items undergo an extensive authenticity verification process through a third-party authentication company.

Additionally, we offer a 100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE for a worry-free online shopping experience. 

It's A Luv Story is not associated or affiliated with any of the designer brands we sell. All copyrights are reserved to the original brand owner.

It’s A Luv Story is independent from any brand affiliation and the brands are not responsible for any product purchased on our website. Additionally, the brands themselves do not guarantee the authenticity of the goods being sold. Certificates are provided solely by us @ It’s A Luv Story.