I have been looking everywhere for a rare designer item. How can you help?

At It’s a Luv Story, we utilize our extensive networks across the globe, alongside local resources, to ensure that each sourcing request receives the attention it deserves. No matter how daunting a request may seem, we are dedicated to seeing each through completion.

How do I fill out a request?

We highly suggest & ask that you provide an exact reference photo of the item you’re in search of. Please also include details such as your budget, condition, sizing, and any other requirements you may have. Please find the source request form at the bottom of this page

What happens after you receive my request?

After receiving an item request, once our team reviews your request, we will reach out to you to confirm your expectations and requirements. In order to ensure our time and work is accounted for; we ask you to make a $1,000 down deposit toward the item. Since this will mark the official start of locating your new treasure together, we invite your full transparency. No questions are off-limits! We will also provide an estimated timeline of fulfillment and any other relevant information. After a plan is established, we hit the ground working on your request. Throughout the sourcing process, we will keep you informed of all developments and progress.
Once your item is located, all accompanying details will be shared with you. Upon your review and approval, we will proceed to purchase your item and request full payment.

How long does it take to track down each item?

While each sourcing request varies in resources and length, we will always aim to work as efficiently as possible. We believe that some things are worth the wait. Collecting isn't a sprint, it's a marathon!

Once my item is found, how long will it take for me to receive it?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to receive, inspect, and ship your item. We will provide a third-party authenticity certificate upon final delivery.
We appreciate the confidence you place in us, and look forward to exceeding your expectations!

What inspired It’s a Luv Story?

I have always had a love for unique luxury pieces, but what truly inspired It’s a Luv Story, was the famous, mini satin pearl embellished flap bag! I had randomly come across this bag while shopping and decided it would be a great first piece to publicly post & sell. I immediately had a pour-in of requests. The first woman who messaged me was extremely emotional about finding this bag online. She anxiously asked me to wait while she runs to the bank to transfer the funds for it. I understand being excited about a bag, but something special was happening here. I told her she was the first one to message me and so the bag was all hers, but something told me to inquire further. What was so special about this bag? Within minutes of receiving her payment (literally minutes) she shared with me that 10 years ago, she wore this special bag on her wedding day. Unfortunately, soon after her special day, her home was robbed and her mini satin pearl Chanel handbag was stolen. For the next several years she scoured the internet looking for a replacement. Just a couple of days before renewing her wedding vows and photos, we were able to unite this woman with an object of much sentimental value! I knew from that moment, how special it would be to help people find the items of their dreams, and I haven’t stopped since!